• Around the clock live person contact
  • Cell phone communication among staff to assure timely dispatch
  • Air conditioning and heating sales, design, installation, replacement and repair service
  • Pre-Planned Maintenance Agreements
  • Duct Repair (normally done after the cooling season)
  • Indoor Air Quality filtration systems including ultra violet light installation
  • Retail sales
  • Sheet Metal fabrication

Over these many years we have designed, installed and serviced central air conditioning systems in modular homes, mobile homes, condos, vacation escapes on the islands right up to and including dream homes and residential estates while providing each with equal care and attention.

Our commercial background includes institutional, churches, hospitals, condominiums, banks, as well as trade, medical and service businesses.

We take great pride in our relationships with our clients and enjoy being considered a benefit to their personal environmental comfort.

We will never tell you a change out of all or part of your system should be done if it isn’t necessary. If it’s not dead, we won’t tell you it needs to be buried, but we will endeavor to inform you of your options so that you can make the decision that is best for you since factors such as operating cost efficiency, may provide the savings that will benefit you better going forward.

Our company offers the availability of pre-planned maintenance agreements on central air conditioning systems to our clients. We feel this provides a great opportunity for both the client and our service people to keep tabs on the efficiency of the system. With a documented agreement in place, our staff will schedule regular maintenance at your convenience and provide you with written information on the service that has been provided along with any recommendations for you to consider. Because we feel this is such an important part of maintaining the life of your air conditioning system, we provide discount savings to our clients who purchase them.

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