A qualified technician should be scheduled to maintain your central air conditioning system before each peak cooling and heating season.

However, there are certain steps you can take on your own to get the best benefit from your central air conditioning system between check ups.

  • Keep the filter clean.
    • Do this each month by vacuum or if washable – hose off and air dry
      If you are unsure where the filter is or how many you have, phone your AC installer
  • Keep Return Air Registers unobstructed
    • No drapes, artwork, aesthetically pleasing covers or furniture should block them
    • Vacuum face of register monthly
  • Keep doors and windows shut while the central air conditioning system is operating
    • Avoid excess use of kitchen exhaust fan operation while system is in use
  • Put window treatments in use during those times the sun directly enters rooms
    • Even partially slanted blinds will let in light but help reduce cooling load requirements
  • Only use the thermostat switches to shut down the system as a safety precaution in protecting the compressor.
  • Ask your installer the best way to set your system controls and temperature for those times you are going to be away for an extended period.
  • After a power interruption where electricity has been off for an extended period, allow the system to remain off for at least four hours before attempting to operate your outdoor cooling unit.
  • Never allow the outdoor units cabinet to become a play stand or a surface to stack things on
  • Regular intervals of cleaning and waxing the outdoor unit exterior will prolong the life of the cabinet finish
  • Treat the thermostat with care.
    • Have a ‘hands off’ rule
    • Set it and forget it
  • Regularly inspect the dryer vent and the drain lines to be sure they are clear of debris and operating normally
  • Routinely check air conditioning fuses. If a breaker trips and has to be reset, wait 2 to 5 minutes for the system operation to resume before touching anything else.

Utilizing regular maintenance services of licensed, insured and qualified technicians is your best option in keeping your central air conditioning system running at its optimum performance. It also provides the opportunity to recommend those things that need attention before they become problems.